About me

Hi there !

My name is Mohamed Oumoumad, I currently live in Paris

I’m a Freelance Motion graphics designer and a VFX artist.

First time I opened up Adobe after effects 2009 I shut it down very quickly after being scared to death by the interface. But thankfully after seeing some very amazing projects out there I had the courage to go back to the software and start learning. After finishing high school in 2012 I applied for LISAA ‘Foudation year of graphic design and animation’, this allowed me to acquire the necessary fundamentals of visual art. After that I applied for ISART ‘vfx 3D’, and now I’m still there, developing all the necessary skills and techniques in visual effects.

If you are interested in custom work, feel free to contact me for more information by going to “Contact me”

You can also watch some of my recent freelance work by going  directly to my youtube channel : www.youtube.com/oumoumad