Adobe after effects Tutorial #5 Particle effects

you can download the project file here :

in this tutorial I’ve used the plugins :
Trapcode particular
Trapcode form
Trapcode starglow
Oprical flares


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for this tutorial! I just saw a lot of your material earlier today and was blown away by it. As a new AE user (am trying to enhance some of my premiere material), looking at your work is very inspiring. I downloaded and was looking through your template 6 and was hoping you’d have a tutorial for it. Went to your tutorial pages and voila, there it was, only created a day ago! Great timing for me!

  2. Ideal for attractive summer time nights without doubt

  3. Hi, i will like to know where i can download the plug-in trapcode particular v2 and optical flares

    i love your works 😀

    btw im using CS6

  4. can you tell me where i can get all this things:

    Trapcode particular
    Trapcode form
    Trapcode starglow
    Oprical flares

  5. Thanks a lot, you’re the best!

  6. thanks so much for sharing this project….

  7. how to install this plugin

    • any plugin you get, it will have its instructions to install it, usually you just double click and follow the instructions ^^

  8. thank you for this tutorial

  9. Thanks a lot, nice tutorial

  10. I downloaded it from dropbox as the email said but the file turn out to be rar format. How to put this file on After effect. Please help, i am a first timer. Thanks

    • yes that’s normal, the .rar is a compression format, you need to extract that file and you can use some program for that like Winrar which is free, just google it and download the one which is compatible with your system.

  11. I cannot download your templates, I don’t receive the emails.

  12. dude i promise you i have never seen a person like you…..your just amazing keep doing these things we would love to see more

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