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After Effects tutorial #6 Dancing Particles – Reflection

  Part 1    Part 2   This is the tutorial many of you have been asking me for, I finally got the time to do it. I hope you’ll enjoy it. the music might be out of sync in some parts because of the recording, sorry for that. this was made on After effects …

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Adobe after effects Tutorial #5 Particle effects

you can download the project file here : in this tutorial I’ve used the plugins : Trapcode particular Trapcode form Trapcode starglow Oprical flares

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Tutorial #4 Particle Text / Logo Reveal

  to skip the “how to edit” part go to 5:20 for this project you need “trapcode particular” plugin get the template for free here : Be creative !

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Tutorial #3 – Editing template #9

so this is an explanation of how to Change the texts/images/colors from this template. the preview and the free download link for the template can be found here :

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Tutorial #2 Particle Ink Effect

Here I’m sharing with you this technique you can use for various effects while revealing a text using particles. I hope you’ll find this useful. you can download the template from here :

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