Speed digital painting – Cold warmth

I never thought I would put this in my website ^^, but since I started using my blog, I thought I can share these stuff with you too, and it’ll also allow me to share some tips from my own experience in digital painting.

First here’s the video :

Speed digital peinting – cold warmth from Mohamed Oumoumad on Vimeo.


Ok so this was painted on Photoshop CS6, using one layer only (except at the end I added the atmosphere on an other layer). A photo reference was used.


Personal tips :

– Easy way to start any painting is to fill the canvas with a mid grey color, cold or warm depending on the overall mood of the painting, the reason I do that is because I find it hard to start working on a white background directly. After that I usually start with mid colors and work my way up and down from dark to light colors, it makes me always have the choice of making any part of the painting darker or lighter.

– Generally if you want to learn to paint, I personally find that the real world is a good reference, it helps you understand how color and light works much better than manga for example which is already stylized. After that it’s good to get inspired by the great artists.

– When you paint some model or some landscape or anything using a photo reference or directly from observation, it’s always useful to choose a model/reference that you have some deep memories for, like a place you used to live in when you were a kid, or a photo of a family member, close friend… I find that helps make every brush stroke meaningful to you.

– “Paint on one layer or multiple layers?” : Well I can’t say one is better than the other, it depends on you and how you feel comfortable working with, sometimes it also depends on the results you’re aiming for, I tend to paint mostly the whole image on one layer only, the reason why is because I started painting first time in my life traditionally using acrylics, so I find myself more comfortable when I don’t switch between layers while painting, and whenever I do a mistake I just paint over it.

Well that’s what I can think of at the moment ^^, if you have any questions you can ask in the comment section bellow, and of course welcome for any critiques, suggestions :).

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