The workshop (3D interior)

I decided to start using this blog after all these years of having my website.

So let’s clean the dust and start posting some stuff !

As many of you already know, since more than 2 years ago I came to France to continue my studies, and since I work at the same time to pay for my school, I don’t get enough time to make new templates and tutorials in regular basis as before. But since I started creating more projects in 3D at school I thought might as well use this blog to share them with you guys, it would be great to have your feedback. And also it would be my pleasure to share some tips that could be useful for your work too !

Ok quit the boring introductions, here’s a project I’ve done last year called “the workshop” (very original title xD) :

<<Click the image for high resolution>>


– Modeled and textured in Autodesk maya 2013

– Rendered using Vray

– Post production (atmosphere, color correction, depth of field, glow, lens flare) was done in After effects CS6


Here’s a version directly rendered from maya without post production :




And this is an ambiant occlusion image showing the objects that are modeled in 3D :




Welcome to any critiques/suggestions.

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