Tutorial #2 Particle Ink Effect

Here I’m sharing with you this technique you can use for various effects while revealing a text using particles.
I hope you’ll find this useful.
you can download the template from here :


  1. seriously i love all your work !! it’s really awesome man !!

    • Hello Sir , I downloaded ur template , I dont know much about after effects.

      I clicked render Queue and output extension as .gif .

      Its taking too long , is there any shortcut ??

      • there’s no shorcut in rendering, quality vs speed in video rendering is a very big topic. most people use something like quicktime h.264 or photo JPEG
        I really don’t understand why you wanna have your whole video in GIF format??

  2. Out of all the dozens of settings in Particular, how do you figure out which ones to use and the proper balance of each? Amazing! You must stare at the screen for hours. Thanks for sharing.

    • with just experimenting and playing with the settings. I used to say exact same thing when I just started ^^. first I was familiar with only some settings like the emitter position and velocity, then the particles color,size,opacity.. more experiments = more knowledge

  3. When for first time i saw this template i was totally out of my mind and i was thinking that to create this type of project is hard as hell but when i saw the tut i slapped myself …. look at this it is as easy like u r making an ordinary AAE project at beginner level … i tried videocopilot but that guy is out of this world thats y i never got what he is trying to say … Thnx oum for that much simpls tut … 😀

  4. Excellent tutorial, tanks

  5. For some reason i can’t change the color of the particles, background, and text in the template no matter what i do. Editing everything else in the template works fine though…please help

    • did you follow the tutorial? where did you try to change the color ?

      • I used the template you provided and went to edit the colors and they dont change on the main comp. Im trying to use just the first 2 text animations with a black and gold color color scheme. I Would start from scratch with the tutotial but i am not good with cameras

        • watch the tutorial to see the part where I made the particles color black. there you can change the color

  6. So thats the only place you can change the color? Im just wondering because the template says “it’s very easy to edit and easy to change text, color or even the camera positions if you want to”

    • yeah that’s how you change the color of the particles, and if you wanna change the color of the text simply go inside the composition of the text and double click that text layer and then choose the color you want from the text options, or just apply a “fill” effect to the text and choose your color
      to change the background color, select it and go to the layer > solid settings, then choose the color you want, or simply add in a fill effect
      the fill effect works for any layer :)

      • Oh thanks now i see whats going on…I really appreciate the reply

  7. love all your work !! it’s really, Excellent … tanks

  8. Great tutorial, thanks for putting it together. I’ve done a version which is up on Vimeo –


  9. Hey friend , i m waiting for a tutorial for your Template #6 …. it will be a great help for me ….. :)

    • okay; I’ll do that when I have the time ^^ stay tuned

  10. I’ll 😉

  11. Hey friend take a look at my vid i created with this technique but the ink effect is not that much hard … what could be the prob. :(


  12. Hey

    Looks absolutely awesome! But I downloaded the template and when I open it by double clicking it forst says it will convert from windows to mac which is cool –>

    but the problem I get is that it says that the following layer dependancies are missing:
    Font family: Organicon and font style.

    Do I have to buy these from some where? Can other fonts be used?

    Thank you for the great work. I only hope I can get to play with it=)


    • you can use an other font

      • Yeah I made the txt work. I still get the message when I load the template though. That was the easy bit.

        Again thanks for an excellent tutorial. Easily one of the best around.

        After days of playing around with the camera stuff and still cant make it work like did. And it appears no one on you tube had the inclination to do a tutorial either. I figured out how to do the camera movements on x,y and z – well more or less.

        The thing that is so cool about your template is the way you have made the text/camera work in multiple angles and dimension and appears that you havent made more than one back ground.

        I woud really appreciate a tutorial on how you do this. And I’d even appreciate via PayPal…=)


        • that’s great man, keep experimenting, it’s not that difficult at all

          • Omg so helpfull!!! thank you very much dude u are awseome! could u put something like previous and next video buttons on youtube so we can easily follow you and not searching them (i know im a little bit lazy )

  13. Hi again

    Could you do a step by step tutorial for the part where the camera pans from text 1 –> text 2 –> text 3. I really like the parts where the shift downwards=)

    I do not quite understand how the camera + nul layer etc. works.

  14. hie its a realy awsome tutoriaL .. i have Cs3 after effects is it possible to make it in that.. as i dont have that perticular effect.

  15. 5:23 , What can not I change the color?

    • make sure it’s set to color from birth

  16. How do you think of the birth?

    Sorry for mistakes, poorly know English, I use translate

    • Until you put all the light is good, as soon as I put the” light” appears to me this.

      In this mode lights are used as particle emitters. Only lights whose names start with ‘Emitter’ are used.Create a light with Layer > New > Light.

      To change the name ‘ Emitter ‘ open Trapcode Particular’s Options box.

      Help pls

      • your message explains what you should do mate ^^
        you should rename the light to “Emitter”

        • I did … but still when I press on Particle> particle, can not change the color.

          • Now I have seen, the color can change all the time until you put the” point” to”” Light’s.

  17. Hi,
    And thank you for sharing your experties for us beginners :) Really cool affect and Im working on a racetrack movie and I would like to have your intro as startup.
    I have one problem that I cant get rid of. When I´ve rendered and make it as a video there is a big X over the screen. I found that it was the particular layer that makes this X. When I turn this layer off there are no X. Ive tried to check all features on this layer for hours but I cant find the problem. I thought it was like guidelines that maked this big X over the screen, but Im not shure about this…
    I would really appreciate your help. If you dont know what I mean, I can take a snapshot an email you the X-picture so you see what I mean.

    Best Regards
    A rookie from Sweden :)

    • Hi mate,

      the big X means you got trapcode in trial version, if you can’t get it in full version I suggest you use some other effect to remove that, such as “CC wire removal”


  18. Thank you for rapid answer :) Ok, I was into that as well… Hmm see if there are any possibility to get it for free :)

    Take Care

  19. After downloading this template, and load it to AfterEffects CS4, can I just edit the text immediately? 😀

    • of course

      • Really need help with getting the bagourkcnd color sample. I’m using cs4 and it’s different. It does not give you the value of the color selected. What should I do? I want to write the value in notepad++. Please help

  20. i download this n..try 2 create.thanks…!

  21. Your template is amazing. I am really fascinated by it and wanna apply it for my school project. However, when applying it, there was this notice “Missing effect: Particular”

    I then found the Particular trapcode and installed it to my computer. Yet, I dunno how to apply the trapcode to After Effects. May you know how I can fix it?

    Thanks loads ~ :)

    • all you have to do is install it ^^

    • hey, i got a hey, i got a questin after im done with mainkg the template why does the background become white? and the text background basicly deletes? it happened to you at 3:03, but idk how you fixed it. Please reply with help ! Was this answer helpful?

      • I don’t understand your problem mate,
        I’ve only added a white solid and wrote a black text above it

  22. Hi mate, great work u have here,

    i already download ur template but where i can see only black theres no particle in there, only movement but theres nothing there.

    i am new at this please correct me if i am do wrong.


    • make sure you got trapcode particular installed

  23. Excellent Tut.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Than for the great tutorial but do you think that u wind up too early because there are next 2 text also and change of focus how everything happened can u explain that things too

  25. u r really freakin awesome. i mean like u do all this and show how to and give it free. thank u so much i wish u will keep doing this

  26. Hi, I want to change text color but if I go to TEXT 1 composition and change text color no change I get … apply fill effect to text no matter too

    • try applying the fill effect to the whole composition

  27. where i can find plugin trapcode particular 2

  28. Man you are a F. genius

    I love your work.

    Thanks for making this for free.

  29. For some reason i can’t change the color of the particles, background, and text in the template no matter what i do. Editing everything else in the template works fine though…please help

    • m8 ty a lot for your videos they are very heufpll at least for me. i have 1 question though. Why do you slice the navigation bar separate and the buttons ? I have seen other videos on youtube where they slice the navigation bar buttons together with the bar.

      • I don’t understand your question mate ^^

  30. what is everyone doing for music, any good places to get it for free or places where you can buy it for use? Any input appreciated

  31. i cant make this it says that i dont have particular

    • you need the plugin trapcode particular installed on your software

  32. mark me wrong I have to install a font and font bowl organicon

    • you don’t have to, you can use any font you want

  33. NICE tutorial… just one minor question.. at 5:01 how do you make that drop down from the Emitter layer ‘Position’.. ???

    • you can show all the layer settings by pressing the arrow in the left, in the tutorial I used a shortcut to show only the position directly the shortcut is “P”

      • cannot open in AAE 7.0?

  34. Hello,

    I want to know how to follow the path with emitter (particular)?

    • I don’t understand what do you mean exactly. what path? what emitter?

  35. Thank u soo much for Tutorial oumoumad really u r great.. i love all your project.

    Much love..


  37. trapcode particular plugin is not working in CS6 :(

  38. Hi
    In Time of 5’23” this video you change the particle color from white to black and black dots shows on.
    I do this change but nothing happens. I tried several time from beginning but I cant see the black dots on my project


  39. i have a problem with this template…
    when i browse and add this template to after effects
    it says particular and cc vector blur files missing..
    please help me….

  40. Thank u MAN ,thats amazing!

  41. Hey, great job, but i have a question. I want the effect for the first text for more text.
    Example: First text—animation one, second text—-same animation—–thirt text—same animation.
    I testet with copy and paste, to duplicate and what ever, but if i do this the second text is the same like first text, but i want a antother text between 2 and 1 text.

    Do you have an idea to help me?


    • I don’t understand what you are trying to do exactly, but if you want the camera to travel and move to an other text, you gonna have to animate the camera to an other position, so as the light emitter, and then duplicate the text and it’s revealed and place them to that position too.
      if you want to just have the effect restarts 3 times, you gonna have to duplicate the composition and place them in a new composition and change the text in each composition.

  42. Ok. I try it twice :-)

    I want to make a movie for my fathers 60th b-day and your template is perfekt for a movie intro.
    The first text is: “Tom´s movie present” with the animation for the first text….This is not the problem to change the text.

    The second text is: “Directed by: Tom Tom” but with the anim from the first text and not from the second text(the first text fly out, the second flip to right). i want not 3 textes inside, i want 18 textes.

    And now the question: How is it possible to do this in diffrent textes.

    Thanks for helping

    • once you succeed doing a second one, you will do the same thing even for 100 texts ^^. well as I said if you wanna continue with the same scene, and just move into an other text, move the light emitter and the camera, then add a text to the new position. if you just wanna repeat the first effect. all you need to do is to create a new composition and throw 2 copies of the composition that contains the effect and change the text for the second copy

  43. Thanks i will testet tomorrow. Thanks for helping

  44. How do you remove the background?

  45. hmm sorry my question is out of topic
    but can you add some tutorial for bokeh? i want the bokeh move fertikal 😀 and make better bokeh. 2nd question can the particles change with bokeh? thanks

    • I think if you just have your simple particles in the motion you want and then add a lens blur effect, that would get you the look you want ^^

  46. wallahi bor love the work your doing it’s amazing keep this up :)

  47. I can’t change the color of the text for the life of me.

  48. TALK LOUDER. you’re like talking to yourself. rating: 3/10

  49. Thnx Man Wooow Great

  50. I downloaded the template and id like to know how can i increase the number of text by adding 3 more Text is it possible by just addind them to the comp or i have to change the camera and other stuff ? thanks

    • yes mate, for each text you add, you move the camera (using the null much easier) and move the light emitter

  51. how do you instal this ?

  52. Friend, when I open the template in the second after effects cs6 the message, this project contains 1 reference to a missing effect. Please install The Following effect to restore this reference. (particular). Most already have Trapcode 2 installed, and also asked; The Following layer dependencies are missing: Text Layer: font family: “Organicon” Font style: “Bol”. How do I fix this?
    thank you

    • you need to install trapcode particular mate. it’s a plugin

  53. Hey. Thanks a lot for the template. You’re a rockstar dude!

    Just had one question. The ‘text 3’ appears to be slanted. Is there any way to fix it so that the 1st,2nd & the 3rd text are aligned? Tried everything but couldn’t change the slanting style of 3rd text.

    Thanks a lot once again. Grateful to you.

    • It has to do with the camera orientation, however you could also change the orientation of that text composition in space

  54. “change the orientation of that text composition in space”

    How to do that? I’m sorry if I’m sound too stupid. I know very less about After Effects.

    Thanks a lot though for the instant reply.

    • when you turn on a layer to a 3D layer, and look at it’s properties, you will see its position in space and rotation and orientation. you can change any of those.

  55. Thanks a lot. You’re the best!

  56. i cant find trapcode > particular in my after effect i have after effect cs5.5 need add any plugin or what??? thanks

  57. Hi.

    I have problem with downloading the file?
    is it still available for downloading?



    • yes it is still available for downloading. it works fine mate

  58. sir, newbie here.. how can i save it on .flv format?

  59. what effects did you chose under the trapcode??? I can’t understand it well

    • particular

  60. I absolutely love your work…Simply amazing!

    I just have one question. When I opened your template, this one, it says a plugin CC Vector Blur needs to be installed. Do you know where I can obtain this plugin?


  61. can any one help me please ,the adobe dosnt write Arabic lang what can i do??? and the version is c5 but when i used the temple in this tutorial it show there are a missing in “particular” and thx for u

  62. Thanks a lot! awesome love it!

  63. plugin CC Vector and particular ??????????

  64. Tnx for your template. When I open it there everything is fine but there are a black cross in the composition from one corner to another. Even when I render it it didn’t go! it was still in the vid. I use AE CS6. What to do. Please suggest!

    • that’s a watermark because of the trial version of trapcode

  65. hi i have downloaded your free template #8 and opened it in after effects to edit it and it says that it is a reference to missing effects and nothing is showing except a black solid backdrop with those star markers moving around. What do i do???

    • Install the required plugins.

  66. Hey Mohamed…superb work and thank you for the efforts bhai jaan.
    just stuck on a step.
    once done with positioning the ‘light’ layer. you change the color of the particulars i.e. at 5:30…when i do that the color of my particles still remain white…
    if possible kindly help.
    tc n njoy.
    and once again great work. thank you

    • Make sure the color type is set to “At birth”

  67. Hey,If I want to make more text and transition how can I do that?

  68. finding your channel on youtube and then this website was the best thing i did today 😀

    • This is the best comment I read today ^^
      Thank you

  69. Hey there,
    I hav downloaded that template 8
    and i opened it in after effects cs6
    but it says 5 missing references
    and i should install some particular it seems , please help me with this.

    • see the requirements. This requires Trapcode particular plugin to work

  70. i love it~ thx

  71. It is nice lesson I need more

  72. You are amazing! :) Love your videos.

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