Tutorial #3 – Editing template #9

so this is an explanation of how to Change the texts/images/colors from this template.

the preview and the free download link for the template can be found here :



  1. hello ,,thanks a lot for all your work ,,,but i have a little problem ,,when i open this project i can’t see any of the pics when i drag the time indicator ,,the compensation window is always black !! can u help me plzz ! thanks a lot :)

    • make sure you got the required plugins, and make sure you’re lock key is not on

  2. thanks but how can i get the plugins

  3. I cant find the .aep file in the download.

    • look closer O.O
      xD u sure you did extract the rar file?

  4. hello ,j’ai ce message :

    vous devez installer les effet suivants pour rétablir ces réferences (Optical flares, Particular)

    stp comment installer ces effets ???

    • il faut telecharger cela dabord et apres installer ^^

  5. how can i change the music?

  6. Hi oumoumad, great work. wanted to know, since u replaced the image with a video clip ,so while playing the file, will the video which is inserted wl be palyed before moving to the next frame ?

    • what do you mean about playing before moving to the next frame? normally the video you inserted is also a layer like all the other layers, so it will play like the others when you move through the time line

  7. its asking optical flares…. can u mention the link for download

  8. hii
    CIt say that missing effect particuler, can you please help me

    • it seems that you don’t have the plugin trapcode particular installled

  9. Thanks a lot Bro :)

  10. how to edit the duration of a video? pls pm me :( i want to gift it to my mother

    • it depends how you wanna edit it. but it requires some basic after effects knowledge at least.
      if you want only to edit the speed, the simplest thing to do is you take the composition that contains the whole thing and right click on it and select stretch, and make it the duration you want.

      • thank you now i got it ^_^
        and lastly how to edit the duration of custom particle? :)

      • i got it now 😀 sorry for the trouble i just want to make mom happy :) thank you @ounoumad you are the best!

        • You’re welcome.
          keep making your mother happy, no matter how much you do you still owe it to her !
          I hope she will be happy with the video ^^.

          Peace on you

  11. Thanks alot bro.

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